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The Scoop About SACS

Singles Available for Community Service, Inc. (SACS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of single adults who give their time to assist local agencies and charities that rely on volunteers. The Kansas City organizationkaw19 was co-founded by Alan Saighman and Elaine Hughes in 1997 and is modeled after a similar group founded in 1991 in Tulsa. SACS currently maintains a membership list of over 200 participants and is overseen by 6 Board members. Organizations that have been helped by SACS span both sides of the state line.
The community has recognized our organization as being outstanding for providing quality, dedicated, enthusiastic workers in projects that help those in need.  Thousands of volunteer hours are provided each year by members, and SACS was presented with the 2002 Outstanding Achievement Award by the Jackson County Board of Services. In 2004, SACS received the Silent Service Award from Cancer Action, Inc., and in 2005, the Rose Brooks Center presented SACS a Community Achievement Award.

While we take our volunteering very seriously, working together also provides volunteers with the opportunity to meet other singles and form quality friendships. We would like your help to continue this successful volunteer effort in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

If you are an organization looking for volunteers, click Request Volunteers for Your Event.

For up to date events, please check out the SACS Events Page.

SACS Policies & Procedures
How to Get Involved

ATTEND MEETINGS.  Find out about volunteer activities and get to know other singles in the Kansas City area.. When you come to meetings, board members and/or speakers will explain upcoming projects, including information on the type of activity we will perform, when, where and what to wear.

When: Meetings are held the 1st Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:45 p.m.
Where: Building D, St. Joseph Community Health Center, I-435 and State Line Road.
When you come to the meetings, you can volunteer for activities by filling out our SACS sign up forms. Each project has an assigned sack. You drop the white copy of the form in the sack, and keep the yellow as a reminder of your volunteer project.

CHECK OUT THE SACS WEBSITE.  We hope you can make it a habit to attend the monthly meetings, but if you can't, just check out the SACS website, www.sacskc.com, to volunteer for an activity. Each event is posted on the events calendar with the project chairperson's name and e-mail address or phone number. You can volunteer for an event by sending an e-mail to the chairperson letting them know you would like to volunteer.

VOLUNTEER.  Whether you volunteer at a SACS meeting or the website, the project chairperson will contact you about one week in advance of the activity to remind you about the event, what you will be doing, the time you are needed and any special instructions and directions. If you don't hear from the project chairperson prior to the event, please contact him or her to confirm the details of the event. The project chairperson will make sure you sign the SACS Project Report when you arrive at an event.
Click here for volunteer guidelines.

BE A CHAIRPERSON.  A chairperson is responsible for serving as the coordinator of the project, contacting the organization to let them know how many SACS volunteers will be at their event, sending a reminder to volunteers, getting the Project Report completed and turning it in at the next meeting. The time our SACS members spend volunteering is logged to keep track of our total volunteer hours. You will also receive an extra hour of volunteer time for each event you chair. To be a chairperson, we prefer that you have been a member for at least two months and volunteered at five events. Click here for chair guidelines.

We hope to see you at the next meeting!